Camera-ready Copy

Please take into account the comments by the reviewers carefully when preparing your camera-ready paper for the proceedings. The final paper and the signed copyright form are due on April 10, 2015.

This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings.

FINAL PAPER: Please submit the files belonging to your camera-ready paper using your EasyChair author account.

(1) The final version must be formatted in LNCS style, using Latex, with at most 12 pages.

(2) Use the FAW 2015 Submission Page to update your submission with a final version in PDF format. Also, in the attachment, include a .zip file containing all files to generate the PDF file. The .zip file should also include a filled copyright for Springer, which can be found at here.

(3) It is recommended that you label your files like faw-xx.tex, where xx is the submission number (e.g., faw-59.tex, faw-59a.eps). For the copyright form, the volume editors are Jianxin Wang, Chee Yap.

It is sufficient for one of the authors to sign the copyright form. You can scan the form into PDF or any other standard image format.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Thank you again for your contribution to FAW 2015.