Accepted Papers

2. Jinyan Wang, Minghao Yin and Jingli Wu. Approximate model counting via extension rule

8. Katsuhisa Yamanaka and Shin-Ichi Nakano. Enumeration, Counting, and Random Generation of Ladder Lotteries

9. Yijie Han. A Linear Timel Algorithm for Ordered Partition

11. Daniel Karapetyan, Andrei Gagarin and Gregory Gutin. Pattern Backtracking Algorithm for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem with User-Independent Constraints

14. Wenjun Li and Shuai Hu. Smaller kernels for several FPT problems based on simple observations

16. Mugang Lin and Wenjun Li. Parameterized Minimum Cost Partition of a Tree with Supply and Demand

17. Toshihiro Akagi and Shin-Ichi Nakano. On r-gatherings on the Line

23. Photchchara Pisantechakool and Xuehou Tan. A New Distributed Algorithm for Computing a Dominating Set on Grids

24. Youshi Wang, Fa Zhang and Zhiyong Liu. Truthful Strategy and Resource Integration for Multi-tenant Data Center Demand Response

28. Gaidi Li, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Chenchen Wu. Approximation algorithms for the multilevel facility location problem with linear/submodular penalties

30. Jie Cheng, Daming Zhu and Binhai Zhu. A New Algorithm for Intermediate Dataset Storage in Cloud-Based Dataflow

31. Aiyong Xian, Kaiyuan Zhu and Daming Zhu. Local Search To Approximate Max NAE-$k$-Sat Tightly

35. Maoning Wang and Mingjie Liu. Improved Information Set Decoding for Code-based Cryptosystems with Constrained Memory

36. Peng Zhang and Yong Gao. Super Solutions of Random Instances of Satisfiability

37. Haibo Yu, Guoqiang Bai and Huikang Hao. Efficient Modular Reduction Algorithm without Correction Phase

38. Ping Huang and Kaile Su. Lower and Upper Bounds for Random Mimimum Satisfiability Problem

40. Yang Liu and Shengyu Zhang. Fast quantum algorithms for Least Squares Regression and Statistic Leverage Scores

41. Henan Liu and Yinfeng Xu. The Online Storage Strategy for Automated Storage and Retrieval System with Single Open in One Dimension

42. Christian Komusiewicz and Andreea Radulescu. On the Sound Covering Cycle Problem in Paired de Bruijn Graphs

48. Gabor Ivanyos and Miklos Santha. On solving systems of diagonal polynomial equations over finite fields.

53. Jueliang Hu, Taibo Luo, Xiaotong Su, Jianming Dong, Weitian Tong, Randy Goebel, Yinfeng Xu and Guohui Lin. Machine scheduling with a maintenance interval and job delivery coordination

56. Yusupjan Habibulla, Jin-Hua Zhao and Hai-Jun Zhou. The Directed Dominating Set Problem: Generalized Leaf Removal and Belief Propagation

60. Shaowei Kou and Mingyu Xiao. Faster computation of the maximum dissociation set and minimum 3-path vertex cover in graphs

63. Cunjing Ge and Feifei Ma. A Fast and Practical Method to Estimate Volumes of Convex Polytopes

66. Fengquan Zhou and Xin Song. A Data Streams Analysis Strategy Based on Hadoop Scheduling Optimization for Smart Grid Application

65. Martin Fürer. Efficient Computation of the Characteristic Polynomial of a Threshold Graph

67. Tian Liu and Ke Xu. Union Closed Tree Convex Sets

73. Chengwei Guo, Chenglong Ma and Shengyu Zhang. Social Models and Algorithms for Optimization of Contact Immunity of Oral Polio Vaccine